The Dezzo creek  born in the Orobic Alps and is 36 km long, it bathes the Scalve valley  and  passes through  the provinces of Brescia and Bergamo.

In the upper part up to  Dezzo di Scalve it has many small jumps and is protected by conifer woods with the presence of numerous wild Brown trout.

In the last kilometers the stream is thrown into a canyon in the Mala way, a very suggestive street of tourist interest for its breathtaking views and for the many climbers that challenge the cliffs.


Inside the Mala way there are Fario trout and some Brook Trout.


On the whole free stretch the average size is 20-22 cm.


Not to be missed is the no kill n. 14 of Angolo Terme rich in trout where the average size is 28cm.