I am Francesco, but from teens for all I am Cescone.

I have been a fisherman since I was a child, I practiced more or less all the fishing techniques in fresh water, then came to the Fly Fishing I decided that it would be the ideal technique for me, now I have 13 seasons, but for several years I have completely dedicated myself to Tenkara.

An ancient Japanese traditional fly fishing technique that swept me away like a river in flood, leaving me no way out.

I love nature and I love being there for many hours a day.

I am a sunny person even if at first glance I look like a grumpy cavern, in fact my second nickname is Orso Camuno (bear of camonica valley) but who knows me knows that I am a person who gives 100% to others.

I am very attached to my valley and, in addition to fishing, I have other hobbies: photography and excursions, obviously all near a river.

Over the years, combining my passions, I have learned to know my territory well.

to give you an example: if I look for something at home I don't find it but I find exactly a certain hole in a stream.

I wait for you on the river to spend pleasant days in the company.


Francesco Chiminelli (Cescone Fishing)